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Use Roll Call's church check in system to:

  • Check children or adults into classes or events
  • Create name tags and parent tags for pick up
  • Automatically record attendance
  • Produce rosters and reports


By the Book added child check in to Roll Call in 2005 at the request of a few customers.  These churches needed a way to make sure that students were only released to an authorized person.  We worked together to develop a method of automatically checking in Sunday school students into their respective classes and printing out name tags and security tags for the parents.

Keep Your Kids Safe

As a children's ministry leader, one of your primary responsibilities is the safety of the children left in your care.  You can accomplish that goal by using Roll Call to set up kiosks.  From these stations families can check their children in the appropriate class or event via a bar code scan, finger print scan or search by name or family number.  Based on your church's preferences a name tag and parent tag can be printed.  The Sunday school teacher is then responsible for matching the code on the name tag with the code on the parent tag before the child is released.

Since allergies are on the rise these days, this is another big safety consideration.  So that your teachers are completely informed, the allergy information is printed on the name tag.  The allergies are also listed on the check in roster.

Give Confidence to Your Visitors

How comfortable do visitors feel leaving their children in your Sunday school area?  Are they confident you know that their child is there?  That he won't be released to just anyone after the service?  Use Roll Call's check in software to check visitors in too, not just regular attenders.  This will give those visitors a high level of confidence that you take the safety of their kids very seriously.


Effectively Perform Follow-up Activities

How does your church follow-up with visitors?  Do you know your regular attenders who haven't come in awhile?  When you use Roll Call to check your visitors in, you can capture contact information.  This allows you to follow up with them after their 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc time visiting.  By using Roll Call's check in system, attendance will automatically be recorded.  You can then evaluate who hasn't come in so many weeks... and follow up accordingly.

Flexible Check In Options

Roll Call's children's check in system gives you the flexibility to decide how you will check folks in.  Do you want to simply type in a name and pick from the list?  No problem, you can use a manned station and "search by name".  Do you want to use a bar code and scan them in?  No problem, you can use the bar code badge from Roll Call or have bar code key chain tags made.  Want to identify folks by fingerprint?  We can do that too!

We also give you flexibility with name tags and parent tags.  You choose what information (badge number, family number or random code) is printed on the name tag.  You can also choose to print your logo on the name tag.  Maybe you have a nursery that you need 2 name tags, one for the child and one for the diaper bag.  You define that as well.

Affordable Pricing

Roll Call's child check in software is by far the most affordable in the industry.  Our software price is based on the number of people you'll be tracking in the database (basically the size of the church).  We feel strongly that even the smallest church should be able to afford a system to keep their children safe.

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