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By the Book has been providing affordable church management software to churches large and small since 1991.  Our goal is to make Roll Call affordable, extremely easy to use, yet powerful.



How Roll Call can help your organization

Roll Call church software is packed full of features to save you time and help you do ministry.  It allows you to:

  • Implement a centralized church database
  • Easily communicate with your church via letters, email or texts
  • Understand how people are involved in your church
  • Find those folks who haven't attended in awhile
  • Find folks with certain skills, talents or volunteer interests
  • Easily communicate with your 1st, 2nd and 3rd time visitors
  • Quickly record contributions to your church
  • Create year end giving statements to comply with IRS
  • Easily report on contribution levels to your pastor, elders, board members
  • Track pledge progress
  • Save money by printing directories in-house
  • Keep your kids safe by using the church check in software


A Flexible, Cross-platform Solution

Unlike other church software solutions, Roll Call is built on a robust, cross platform database.  This gives your church  the flexibility to run on Windows, Mac OSX, stand alone or on a network.  You can even combine Windows machines and Macs on the same network.

If your church is looking for a very basic membership and contributions software, you may want to look at Roll Call Lite.  Click to compare features between the two systems.

Membership Database

Use Roll Call to get organized, streamline your day to day tasks and to get rid of that out-dated duplicated information.  By implementing Roll Call you'll have a centralized database... no more individual spreadsheets.  You'll be able to find information easily, run reports with the click of a button, manage your membership information, print directories, record attendance, track Sunday school classes, groups and volunteers... and so much more.

Contribution Tracking

Roll Call allows you to easily enter your weekend gifts.  Simply identify the donor and enter the amount.  It's that easy.  Now that you have all your donations entered, you can run various contribution statistics reports for your treasurer, elder board or pastor.  At the end of the year, it's extremely easy to create the year end giving statements for your donors.  Simply select your criteria, then press generate.


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