Roll Call Church Membership Management

Roll Call church software is a great solution for membership management.  It allows you to:

  • Keep all your membership information in one centralized database
  • Improve your follow-up with existing church members
  • Easily make contact with 1st, 2nd, 3rd time visitors
  • Build a sense a community by creating and distributing directories
  • Connect people with certain skills/interests with volunteer opportunities within the church
  • Ensure the safety of everyone in your congregation by keeping background checks current


If your church is looking for basic membership management software, you may want to consider Roll Call Lite.  Roll Call Lite is a scaled down version of Roll Call that allows you to track church membership information and track contributions.  Here's a comparison chart of the feature differences.

Church Database Software to Improve Accuracy

church membership software to track contacts.  This window allows you to enter contact information, phone number, keywords, visitations and comments for each parishoner.

Whether you choose to put Roll Call church membership software on one computer or network it and allow the entire staff to use it, it can be the single source of all your church contact information.  Now that you have the latest address, phone and email addresses in one place, you can easily create mail merge letters, send emails or print off mailing labels for your congregation or grouping of people.


Attendance to Determine Who is Involved

attendance for services or groups can be recorded through this window

It's so important to create that sense of community within your church.  By tracking attendance for church services in Roll Call you'll know who hasn't been attending in awhile and you can follow up with them.  Find out if everything is okay.  By tracking attendance for group activities you'll also be able to see who is attending many events during the week and might be approaching burn out.  With the visitation portion of Roll Call you can track those follow-up visits, hospital visits or 1st time visitor contact.

Improve Communications

Does your church membership software allow you to write letters, send emails or create labels from within the program?  Or do you have to export and use a 3rd party program.  With Roll Call church software, you'll be able to easily communicate with your congregation without having to leave the program.  Our software includes a word processor, email program and label generator.

Visitor Follow-up to Grow your Church

To grow your church, you'll really need to reach out to those 1st, 2nd and 3rd time visitors.  Unlike other church membership software, it is easy to identify those 1st, 2nd and 3rd time visitors with Roll Call.  Maybe you want to send a letter to the 1st time visitors.  Simply run the Visitor report and select 1 time visit.  From the list of people returned, you can click on "write a letter", and you are done.  Maybe you send someone out to visit your 2nd time visitors.  Simply run the Visitor report and select 2 time visit.  Now you have your list of people and addresses to go and make the visits.


Create Church Directories

Help your staff and congregation stay connected by using the standard or picture directories provided in Roll Call.  You can print a classic directory which contains names, addresses and phone number or the standard directory where you can select the information you want to see on the directory.  The photo directory in Roll Call displays 12 family pictures per page.  It includes the names of everyone in the family plus the home phone number.

Track Talents to Involve your Members

Have you ever had someone drop by the church office and desperately need some kind of service.. for example a mechanic or electrician?  By using Roll Call's keywords, you can track folks occupation or skills.  Then you could easily get a list of those mechanics or electricians.  The keywords are also a great place to record volunteer interests.  Again, easily matching an interest to an area of potential service.

Manage Background Checks

Unfortunately in today's world, we need to take extra precautions for the most vulnerable in our congregation, the children and youth.  As you need to perform background checks on your volunteers you can track that information in Roll Call.  You can easily run reports identifying those volunteers who still need background checks or those where the background check is out-dated.



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