Roll Call Groups & Classes

Do you need a better way to manage all the groups and classes in your ministry?  Use Roll Call's group management area to set up Sunday school classes, Bible studies, volunteer boards, elder boards, youth groups, awana classes, small groups.  The possibilities are endless.  By using Roll Call to set up all your groups, you'll be able to:

  • Understand how people are involved in your church
  • Easily communicate with those groups via email or mail merge letters
  • Find out who is attending regularly or who has been missing for awhile
  • Produce group directories and rosters 



Small Group Ministry

Have you found it difficult to keep track of who is a small group?  Where the cell groups are meeting?  What groups are accepting new members?  This information is easily accessible using Roll Call for your small group ministry.

Sunday School Classes

Use the groups management area of Roll Call to keep track of all your Sunday school classes.  You'll be able to easily record attendance for the students in those classes.  You can even print out attendance rosters.  Would you like to send an email to all the parents of your grade school students.  You can do that with the click of a mouse in Roll Call.

Attendance Tracking

By using Roll Call's attendance tracking for your groups, you can easily follow up with people who have been absent for a few weeks or follow up with first and second time visitors.  To track the students that arrive for Sunday school, use Roll Call to create attendance rosters.  Or, if you'd like to check students into a class and have name tags printed out, use Roll Call's child check in system.


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