Roll Call's Family of Software for Churches

A scalable software solution  to fit your ministry’s needs.  

  • Full version for complete church management
  •  Lite version for just tracking contributions
  • Use on a PC or Mac
  •  Connect for access from your mobile devices
  •  Cloud hosting to access your data remotely

Complete Church Management

Are you looking for a one complete package for all your church administration tasks? Then check out the full version of Roll Call for:

  • Contact Management
  • Church Communications
  • Contribution and Pledge Tracking
  • Year End Statements
  • Group Management
  • Directories
  • Church Check-in

You no longer need a series of spreadsheets on different folk’s computers and a myriad of different software programs. Handle it all in one place with one application at an affordable price.

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Church management


Simply Contacts and Contributions

If you are looking for a simple contact management or contribution tracking system, check out Roll Call Lite. Lite is a scaled down version of Roll Call. It will allow you to:

  • Manage basic contact information
  • Track tithes and offerings
  • Create year-end giving statements
  • Produce church directories

Roll Call Lite is a great tool for your treasurer or church secretary, all at one low price.

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Windows or Mac?

Having trouble finding software for churches that will run natively on your Mac? Roll Call runs exactly the same on Windows or Mac OS.

Mac or PC

Access on Network

Network Flexibility

Need to have multiple people in your church office working in Roll Call? That is no problem. Your church secretary can be updating address information, treasurer entering contributions and children’s pastor sending emails to parents all from the same database. All at the same time, with a multi-user license.

Access Roll Call While on the Road.

Ever wish you could just look up a families address on your smartphone or get a re-cap of last week’s giving? Or maybe you’d like your small group leaders to record attendance at their meetings. With Roll Call Connect, you can use a browser to access some of the core functionality of Roll Call.

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Web access

Remote access

Work from Home or Remote Location

Do you need to work from home? Or maybe you are a mobile church with no central church office. Using a fixed IP address, port forwarding or a VPN (Virtual Private Network) setup, you can use your Roll Call Client to access the main database at a different location.

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Roll Call on the Cloud

Gain the benefits of remote access, but without all the setup and maintenance. Our cloud hosting service makes this possible to any Roll Call Client with access to the internet.

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What our customers are saying...

"Our church was looking for a better system to help us keep track of our members and their information. We were using a combination of spreadsheets, word documents, and access databases prior to selecting Roll Call for our solution. Overall, this system is "light years" ahead where we were. I'm glad we made the investment and it has enabled us to grow and manage our Church much more effectively."

Greg — Wyldewood Baptist Church
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