Roll Call Church Management Software

It's an affordable, flexible and powerful church software program. Unlike other church management software, Roll Call is built on a robust database for use on a Mac or PC.

  • Get organized
  • Streamline communications
  • Quickly record contributions
  • Comply with IRS regulations
  • Understand how folks are involved in your church

Membership Database

It’s all about the people … right? Roll Call was designed not only to help you capture contact information, but be able to quickly communicate with your congregation, understand who might be slipping out the back door, or who might be approaching burn-out.

  • Organize all your contact information in one place
  • Easily communicate with your congregation
  • Save money by creating your own directories
  • Find out who hasn’t attended in awhile

Stop using all those spreadsheets. Let Roll Call help you manage your people information.

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Roll Call church management software for contact management

Roll Call church software program for tracking tithes and offerings.

Contributions Tracking

Need a quick and easy solution for tracking contributions? Need the flexibility to track different funds and run various reports? With Roll Call you’ll be able to:

  • Improve the accuracy of your contribution entry
  • Print or email year end contribution statements
  • Track pledge progress
  • Crunch those numbers for your treasurer, board or pastor

Roll Call is a flexible and affordable solution for tracking your tithes and offerings.

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Group and Class Involvements

Do you know who is actively participating in your church? Who has gone through the assimilation classes? Who is volunteering? Who is in a small group? Roll Call can help you do that:

  • Track participation in small groups, classes, volunteer boards, leadership boards, etc.
  • Easily communicate with folks in a specific group
  • Create directories (even photo) for groups

Roll Call’s group management is a great way to stay abreast of who is doing what in your church.

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Understand how your congregation is involved

Roll Call child check-in system to help keep your children’s ministry safe

Children's Check-in

Roll Call software program also includes the check in functionality. This will allow you to:

  • Improve security in your children’s ministry area
  • Save administrative time, since attendance is automatically recorded
  • Quickly gather visitor information

Whether you use the check in feature for checking students into their Sunday school classes or adults into Bible Studies it’s a great way handle security and process attendance.

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What our customers are saying...

“As a new start up church, we were looking for a church management system that was easy to implement, intuitive for volunteers to run, provided a child check in feature, and integrated donations with our accounting software. Strong customer support was also critical for us. The team at By the Book is a wonderful group of people - informative, friendly, responsive and well trained. Roll Call has exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend By the Book and their church management software, Roll Call.”

Joanne — The Downtown Church
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