Roll Call v14 Release Notes

Version 14.0.1610/5/2017 9:55:00 AM

Version 14.0.15 8/4/2017 12:10:00 PM

  • ~Attendance Statistics Report - “Unique Since” calculation is incorrect
  • ~Attendance Statistics Report - by Grade, Age and Postal Code currently only shows the current values for these calculations rather than what they were at the time the attendance was taken.  Modified program to store the Grade, Age and Postal Code for person when attendance record is created so these calculations are correct at the time the attendance was taken.  Can only store the current values for Grade and Postal Code in the existing attendance records as we don’t know the actual values were at the time the attendance was taken.  Using the date attendance was taken to determine the person’s age at that time.
  • ~Attendance Statistics Report - not limiting Postal Codes to top 5
  • *Sort Family List in Profile and check-in by family based on family position and age
  • ~CMI Sync - Syncing a boolean field may not uncheck an custom checkbox for an existing profile
  • ~Group Graduation by birthday doesn’t work

Version 14.0.14 7/20/2017 12:10:00 AM

  • ~Array range check error on LoadLists method if Inactive association isn’t present
  • +CMI Sync - Add mapping feature to allow mapping of fields from CMI into fields in Roll Call
  • ~Array range check error on Connect Configuration screen

Version 14.0.13 6/29/2017 3:10:00 PM

  • ~Check-in by Individual only allows one check-in station to add a visitor at a time

Version 14.0.12 6/29/2017 2:30:00 PM

  • +Added tab delimited & CSV option to Event Roster report
  • +Added progress window on People Export to let people know that something is going on for longer exports
  • *When running People Export (csv), save file with .csv extension
  • *Remove embedded carriage returns in data on People Export (csv & tab) to ensure the export won’t mess up import into spreadsheet
  • +Add confirmation message on CMI Sync cancel to ensure the user knows they are canceling
  • +Save Custody Comments and Allergies in new profiles created from CMI Sync
  • +Added all possible dates on Daily Attendance Roster when opting for break on type

Version 14.0.11 6/28/2017 3:55:00 PM

  • +New Daily Attendance Roster report
  • +New Attendance Statistics report
  • ~Mobile Check-in can freeze when selecting one or more family members for check-in
  • ~Mobile Check-in may not display all family member pictures every time
  • ~Attendance Summary record can be locked (Client/Server)
  • ~Scenario when you can’t set an association to Inactive in person’s profile
  • +Added subtotals to Group Check-in Log (Summary)
  • ~Group Directory prints landscape instead of portrait
  • ~Scenario when you can’t set an association to Deceased in person’s profile
  • ~People Reports > Family Export can get “No columns defined” error
  • ~Pledge Fund End date won’t allow change (Standalone)
  • ~Exclude profiles that have association starting with Deceased instead of just Deceased
  • +New Event Check-in Log Summary Report
  • +New Event Check-in Log Detail Report

Version 14.0.10 5/15/2017 1:50:00 PM

  • +Add Shift key to on screen keyboard for Client Check-in
  • +Add apostrophe to on screen keyboard for Client Check-in
  • *Check-in by barcode or fingerprint should capture the person’s name that the barcode or fingerprint is tied to and store it with the checkin log
  • ~Mobile Check-in - Authorized checkout list is not being determined correctly when more than one person in a family has an authorized check-out person

Version 14.0.9 5/8/2017 1:50:00 PM

  • ~Rapid Check-in not working when user is defined to process groups and services or events
  • ~Rapid Check-in not working for events
  • ~When entering contributions from Quick Add, if you add a new person and click on family position and then click on association, it puts you in an endless loop.
  • ~Log window from People > Bulk Changes won’t allow click on close button (windows only)

Version 14.0.8 5/5/2017 6:45:00 AM

  • ~Connect - Error when trying to save a profile if a boolean field is editable
  • ~Connect - Boolean fields do not have a value displayed and cannot be edited
  • ~Mobile Check-in - error message sometimes pops up when checking in a family for a service - tablet theme only
  • ~Mobile Check-in - switching between services doesn’t change the detailed results
  • ~Check-in can’t handle scan of barcode with more than 10 digits
  • ~Check-in by individual is returning an empty list when no one found instead of message

Version 14.0.7 4/26/2017 11:30:00 AM

  • +Batch report choices (i.e. Summary, Detailed, Deposit Slip) can’t be reached on windows from within a batch.  Now can be accessed under print button from within a batch
  • +Find Duplicates transfer option not available for transferring Events
  • ~Cover page isn’t printed for Standard Directory
  • ~Runtime error when click on First Name in People > Bulk Changes > Envelopes
  • ~Runtime error when click on First Name in People > Bulk Changes > Badge No
  • ~Runtime error when click on First Name in People > Bulk Changes > Barcodes
  • ~Mobile Check-in - not handling error processing correctly
  • *Mobile Check-in - by Service - reworked to improve speed and scrolling.  Added letter buttons to reduce size of list
  • ~Mobile Check-in - Return by Individual (manned) isn't returning address
  • *Mobile Check-in - by Event - reworked to improve speed and scrolling.  Added letter buttons to reduce size of list
  • *Mobile Check-in - by Group - reworked to improve speed and scrolling. Added letter buttons to reduce size of list
  • ~Mobile Check-in - Cancel Button in settings does nothing when logged in as certain users.  Also Save button can set to wrong search pattern
  • ~Mobile Check-in - on android devices the grid height is too small due to the keyboard
  • ~Mobile Check-in - by Family - setting an allergy, alert or custody comment when the profile is locked doesn’t return an error message that the record can’t be saved
  • ~Pledge Progress Letters emailed to wrong people