Roll Call v14 Release Notes

Version 14.0.105/15/2017 1:50:00 PM

Version 14.0.9 5/8/2017 1:50:00 PM

  • ~Rapid Check-in not working when user is defined to process groups and services or events
  • ~Rapid Check-in not working for events
  • ~When entering contributions from Quick Add, if you add a new person and click on family position and then click on association, it puts you in an endless loop.
  • ~Log window from People > Bulk Changes won’t allow click on close button (windows only)

Version 14.0.8 5/5/2017 6:45:00 AM

  • ~Connect - Error when trying to save a profile if a boolean field is editable
  • ~Connect - Boolean fields do not have a value displayed and cannot be edited
  • ~Mobile Check-in - error message sometimes pops up when checking in a family for a service - tablet theme only
  • ~Mobile Check-in - switching between services doesn’t change the detailed results
  • ~Check-in can’t handle scan of barcode with more than 10 digits
  • ~Check-in by individual is returning an empty list when no one found instead of message

Version 14.0.7 4/26/2017 11:30:00 AM

  • +Batch report choices (i.e. Summary, Detailed, Deposit Slip) can’t be reached on windows from within a batch.  Now can be accessed under print button from within a batch
  • +Find Duplicates transfer option not available for transferring Events
  • ~Cover page isn’t printed for Standard Directory
  • ~Runtime error when click on First Name in People > Bulk Changes > Envelopes
  • ~Runtime error when click on First Name in People > Bulk Changes > Badge No
  • ~Runtime error when click on First Name in People > Bulk Changes > Barcodes
  • ~Mobile Check-in - not handling error processing correctly
  • *Mobile Check-in - by Service - reworked to improve speed and scrolling.  Added letter buttons to reduce size of list
  • ~Mobile Check-in - Return by Individual (manned) isn't returning address
  • *Mobile Check-in - by Event - reworked to improve speed and scrolling.  Added letter buttons to reduce size of list
  • *Mobile Check-in - by Group - reworked to improve speed and scrolling. Added letter buttons to reduce size of list
  • ~Mobile Check-in - Cancel Button in settings does nothing when logged in as certain users.  Also Save button can set to wrong search pattern
  • ~Mobile Check-in - on android devices the grid height is too small due to the keyboard
  • ~Mobile Check-in - by Family - setting an allergy, alert or custody comment when the profile is locked doesn’t return an error message that the record can’t be saved
  • ~Pledge Progress Letters emailed to wrong people

Version 14.0.6 4/7/2017 11:30:00 AM

  • ~Check-in by Individual for service isn’t returning the services each time

Version 14.0.5 3/28/2017 11:25:00 AM

  • ~Runtime error when manually recording attendance if recording communion

Version 14.0.4 3/15/2017 12:50:00 PM

  • ~Labels may not print to correct printer for Mobile Check-in when using both Remote and a local print queue
  • ~Mobile Check-in - Address isn’t being displayed when multiple families are returned (not a self check-in login)
  • ~Mobile Check-in - iPad auto rotation detection isn’t working right for grid resizes
  • ~Mobile Check-in - Scrolling freezing on Service attendance.  Reworked to see if it will resolve problem
  • ~Connect - When session expired message is displayed, any modal window is still displayed and has focused
  • ~Connect - My Groups > Attendance> PDF on Safari doesn’t work
  • ~Connect - My Groups > Attendance > Record Attendance doesn’t list multiple seasons for a given day
  • ~Connect - Phone Theme - Date of Birth isn’t showing correct year
  • ~Connect - Phone Theme - Date of Birth is showing NULL when a partial date is entered
  • ~Connect - Phone Theme - Attendance recording has issue with slider.  You can only slide it and not tap it
  • ~Age isn’t being set properly when the system sets it each day
  • ~Help Page updated

Version 14.0.3 3/6/2017 9:45:00 AM

  • ~Generating receipts can return 1080 - Document property out of range
  • +Official version for Mac OSX Sierra
  • ~Group Report - Attendance Summary hangs on server and gives runtime error on Standalone
  • ~Generating a directory and using the search in the toolbar unchecked display families
  • ~SMS texting to several people every other one fails
  • +Beta test version for Count Me In Sync

Version 14.0.2 1/23/2017 11:15:00 AM

  • +Labels button from Receipts window doesn’t print out labels as addressed on receipts
  • ~Receipts may hang when emailing or saving receipt to PDF file

Version 14.0.1 1/9/2017 2:50:00 PM

  • ~Last Visit field in people table isn’t being populated if visitation is entered from Connect.
  • ~Mobile Check-in - The login page image isn’t set properly if new images are selected
  • *Connect - Anniversary Widget will now return email addresses of married people along with family email instead of just email address of the Head of Family