Roll Call Child Care Check-in System

Roll Call is an affordable check in system being used by ministries that need a flexible and affordable solution for check-in.

  • Check students into a class or meeting
  • Record check in and out times
  • Print name tags and parent security tags

Use for Sunday School or Nursery

Improve the security in your children’s ministry area. From the check in kiosk you’ll be able to check children into their Sunday school classes or nursery. Name tags can be printed with a matching parent tag for pick up. For check out the teacher compares the security number on the name tag with the parent tag. If they match, she can release the child. Or use the system to record check out times.

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Child Care Check In System

Use for Youth Group

Use for Youth Group

Use the child care check-in software to track the attendance of your youth group members. Your ministry could assign a barcode key tag to each student. When they arrive they simply scan the barcode to check in. You’ll always know who is present and be able to run reports to find folks that haven’t come in a while.

Roll Call Lite is a great tool for your treasurer or church secretary, all at one low price.

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Roll Call’s check-in is a great way to check students into their VBS group or AWANA class. Print name tags if you’d like, and attendance is automatically recorded. For those students that aren’t “pre-registered” it’s very easy to enroll them and get them checked in as well.

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Use for VBS or AWANA

Daycare check-in

Use for Daycare

Need an easy solution for parents to check their children into class and also check them out? With Roll Call’s self check-in kiosk, the parents can quickly check their child in. The check-in time is recorded by the system. Then when the parent checks the child out, the out time is recorded. Roll Call can also handle multiple check in-out times. Use the system to record in and out times for your staff as well.

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Check-in for Adults

The  system is not only for children. It can be used to check adults into any meeting. You can choose to have a name tag printed when they arrive to check in. Attendance will also automatically be recorded.

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Adult meeting attendance

What our customers are saying...

“The check in system is very user friendly and quick. We love that the childs allergies can be printed right on their name tag. Parents appreciated the fact that the system is not internet based. And we like not having to pay a monthly fee to use the product. Any time that we called customer service has been very friendly and very helpful. I highly recommend this product.”

Tanya — Calvary Chapel
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