Check-in Methods

When a family arrives...

...and they need to check their children into class, the first thing you need to do is identify the family, then which children will be checking in. 

Because each church is different we've implemented several check-in options for identifying the family and child.

Barcode Scan

The first method, and probably the most popular, is using a bar code. To implement this option you need a bar code scanner and either a key tag, bar code badge or sign in roster with a bar code. When the family arrives they would scan their bar code. A list of everyone in the family is presented. They select the children that are checking in ... then the labels are printed. 

A touchscreen monitor works very well with this method for selecting the children that will be checking in.

Check in with a barcode scan

Check in with search by Name or Number

Search by Name or Number

Another very popular method of identifying the children that will be checking in, is to search by the last name, last 4 digits of the phone number or by family number. You can use this method with a manned or un-manned station. You can also use a touch screen or a keyboard to enter this information. 

From a manned check in station, the volunteer would enter the first few characters of the famiies last name, then select from the list the correct family and children that will be checking in. Once they have been identified, the labels will print out.

Mobile CheckIn

With the Roll Call Mobile CheckIn option, you can deploy volunteers throughout your church with iPads, smartphones or other mobile devices and check students in based on their name or phone number.

Check in using your iPad or tablet

What our customers are saying...

Our setup consists of 2 check-in computers. I LOVE how seamlessly the computers talk to each other. All the data that I input and changes I make on one computer is instantly available to the other computer (with CP, any change you made HAD to be synchronized before those changes took effect), with infrared scanners. We opted for the custom key-tags for our parents, which look GREAT and very professional. We have received TONS of comments on how much more simple and quick the "new system" is. Overall, we are VERY pleased, as are our parents. The staff is pleased so far with the system as well.

Ben — North Gwinett
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