Security Tags & Labels

The primary security feature...

...of the check in system, is the matching numbers between the child's name tag and the parent security tag. We give you the choice between printing a family number or a random security number on the tags. The random security number is the most secure since it changes every week.

To print these tags, our system requires a Dymo 400 or 450 Labelwriter printer. This is a relatively inexpensive printer that works great.

Larger #30256 Size

There are two sizes of label stock that will work with our system. The first is the 30256 shipping size label. This label is 2 5/16 x 4 inches. It comes 300 labels per roll. This is a great size. You can put your logo on this label and the names come out much larger.

30256 Security Tag for Child 30256 Security Label for Parent

Smaller #30334 Size

The other label stock is the 30334 misc size label. It is a much smaller label at 2 1/4 x 1 1/4 inches. It comes in rolls of 1000 labels.

30334 Child Check-in Security Label for Child
30334 Child Check-in Security Tag Label for Parent

What our customers are saying...

Before we purchased this check in system I did a lot of research online, trying to find the best product for out church. There were several options out there, but this one caught my eye. I called some other churches that used the system and they gave a great review so we went with it. We have been using the children's check in for several months now and love it. The check in system is very user friendly and quick. We love that the childs allergies can be printed right on their name tag. Parents appreciated the fact that the system is not internet based. And we like not having to pay a monthly fee to use the product. Any time that we called customer service has been very friendly and very helpful. I highly recommend this product.

Christopher — Calvary Chapel Bemidji
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