Give Guests Confidence

One of the primary benefits of using a security check in system like Roll Call is that it gives your visitors a certain comfort level when leaving their children in your care. They know that children's security is a top priority for your church. It's also nice to capture some contact information from them so that you can follow up on their visit.

Quickly Add Visitors

When a visitor comes to check in their children, the volunteer manning the check in station, clicks on the Add Visitor button. This screen is displayed and he/she can capture as little or as much information as you wish. At a minimum, you'll need to enter the children's names and gender.

Once you click OK, the children's information is saved in the database and you can check them into classes. The same type of name tags and parent tags will print for visitors as for your regular attenders.

Check in visitors quickly and add them to your Roll Call Database

What our customers are saying...

β€œIt [Roll Call] offers a child check in feature that can be used on Sunday morning for children's church. This not only looks professional but adds security making first time parents feel comfortable leaving their children in your care. Price varies according to church size which makes it very affordable when you are a young, growing church.”

John β€” Calvary Fellowship
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