Child Check-in Feature Comparison

Desktop Desktop Check-in Features Mobile Mobile CheckIn Features
Check in or out by...
Barcode Scan
Fingerprint Scan *Windows Only
Last Name
Last 4 of Phone Number
Group/Service Roster List
Printing Capabilities
Print Name Tags & Parent Pickup Tags
Print Multiple/Duplicate Name Tags for Diaper Bag, etc.
Use Family Number or Random Number on Security Tags
Add Allergies at check-in and Print them on Name Tag
After Check-in is complete, A Roster Can be Printed with Check-in Details
Basic Setup
Check in all with a single click/tap
Customize background image
Capture who checked a child out
Send text from check in screen
Recommended classes available based on grade or age
Check a single person into multiple classes at one time
Set up an "un-manned" station or "Kiosk Mode"
Touch Screen Support
Allow Visitors to be checked in
Check-in Automatically Records Attendance
Allow Check-in Dashboard Access for Group Head Count/Details
Customize Check-in Screen with Logo, Colors and Text
Realtime Log - Filter by (ins or outs)
Custody Comments Visible on System Check-out
Check-out by Comparing Security Labels for Child/Parent
Data Managed Locally (No Internet Access Required)
Multiple Check-in Stations

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