Roll Call Mobile CheckIn

Mobilize your check-in routine using iPad®, tablets and smartphones. This add-on for Roll Call enables you to perform check-in from any mobile browser. The perfect solution for mobile churches or a great supplement to your existing setup!


Reduce Your Check in lines

Imagine deploying your volunteers throughout your church building, armed with iPads or smartphones ready to check folks in. Then by the time those same folks walk over to the printing station, their name tags and security tags are already printed and waiting for them. Do you have a bus ministry? Now you can check those kids in as soon as they hop on the bus. When they get to the church, their name tags are there waiting for them. This is now available using Roll Call Mobile CheckIn.

Head counts on iPad

Get Real-time Head Counts

If you are the children's pastor or in charge of the Sunday school area, you need to know how many kids are checked into each class. Do you have enough teachers in each room? Have you reached the classroom's threshold? You can instantly see the headcount information for each class from the Mobile CheckIn dashboard from your smartphone. Click on the name of the class to see who is already checked in.

Increase security at check out time

When it's time to check students out of their class, you want to know you are releasing that child to the adult that brought them. Using Mobile CheckIn, you can print name tags and parent tags with matching security numbers. To check a child out of a class, simply match the numbers on the child's tag and the parent tag.

Add Visitors on iPad

Quickly enroll your visitors

First impressions are so important. Your visitors want to know that their kids will be safe in your care. Using Mobile Checkin, you can quickly capture visitor's names and contact information, as well as check them into the appropriate classes straight from the mobile device. Since you're mobile, you could even walk them up to the printing station to get their tags, then walk them to the classroom. How's that for a first impression?

For more details on setting up mobile check in or using the mobile check-in stations, check out our "how to videos" or visit our Frequently Asked Question section.

What our customers are saying...

“This software is very fast compared to others and now with the new kiosk mode that can be used on the iPad, or other tablets, it looks great too! Super interactive and creates quick, seamless check in for all. Also, the pricing is unlike the competition. One time purchases make this software budget friendly for everyone. Overall, its a win for the church, business, daycare, or anyone needing to keep up with who's coming and going. “

Freddy — LifeSong Church
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