Custom Check-in Software

Custom Check-in Options

Your church decides how you want your check in process to work.  You can check in by name, bar code scan or biometric scan.  You set the background image and color. You can use computers as the check in kiosks or you can use tablets with our Mobile Check In add-on.  

Print Security Tags

Security Tags

Your church can decide if you'd like to print name tags and a parent tag upon check in.  The parents can then present the security tag to pick up their child.  You decide if you'd like to use a random number or a static family number on the tag.

Visitor Check-in Software

Visitor Check-in

Give your visitors peace of mind, knowing that you take security seriously...  that their child will only be released to them.  Quickly and easily enter the visitor information into the system and get their children checked into the appropriate class. 

Attendance Software


As you check your students into their classes, attendance is automatically recorded. Roll Call church check in software provides comprehensive reporting so you know who is currently in each class.  There are a variety of other attendance reports to show who hasn't attended in awhile, who your 1st, 2nd and 3rd time visitors are and summary statistics.

Church Software Authorized Check-out

Authorized Check-out

If your church would like to record exactly who checked a student out and at what time, use ​the authorized check out process.  For each child in your system, you'll need to indicate ​the people that are allowed to pick the child up.  At check out time​ you'll indicate who is actually picking the child up today.

Contributions Software

5 Star Customer Support

Our customer service consistently is rated 5 stars.  Our ministry is to serve you, so that you can serve others.  We make it our priority to treat each of our customers with the utmost respect and to thoroughly answer any questions you may have.  We offer phone support Monday - Friday 8 - 5 Central time and on Sunday from 7am to 1 pm.  

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