Membership Software

Membership ​Database

With Roll Call, you'll get a centralized membership database, so you always have the most accurate, up to date information.  Improve member communications with integrated email, text and mail merge capabilities.  Our software even includes professional looking directories.

Contributions Software

Contribution Tracking

The contribution tracking included in Roll Call, allows you to easily enter all tithes and offerings.  At year-end, print or email contribution statements with a click of a button.  Your treasurer will love all the donation reporting that is available.  Does your church track pledges?  We can do that too.

Check-in Software

Check-in System

Unlike other church​ database software, Roll Call comes standard with the child check in system.  Easily check students into their classes.  Print name tags and parent security tags.  The system includes texting capabilities, so you can reach out to parents if they are needed during the service.

Group Involvement Software

Group Involvement

Keep track of all your groups, classes and events in Roll Call.  You will be able to see at a glance how people are involved in your church.  Our comprehensive attendance reporting will show you who is attending regularly and who has missed so many weeks.  With our integrated email, text and mail merge, you'll be able to easily communicate with groups.

Church Software Web Integrations

Web Integration

Roll Call Connect allows your staff and congregation to have a web inteface into the Roll Call ​database.  Your staff will be able to look up contact information, enter visitation notes and record attendance.  Your congregation will be able to update their own profile information, print year end statements and view group rosters for their groups.

Contributions Software

5 Star Customer Support

Our customer service consistently is rated 5 stars.  Our ministry is to serve you, so that you can serve others.  We make it our priority to treat each of our customers with the utmost respect and to thoroughly answer any questions you may have.  We offer phone support Monday - Friday 8 - 5 Central time and on Sunday from 7am to 1 pm.  

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