Contribution Tracking Software

Track Contributions

Quickly and easily enter contribution information.  Identify donor based on name, address, envelope number or really speed things up with a check reader.  Then simply enter the amount and to what fund the donor is contributing to.

Church Receipts

Year End Statements

Your treasurer can print or email the year end statements with the click of a button.  The statements can be customized to include the letter text and footer text you'd like.  Include your organization letterhead as part of the receipt as well.

Check-in Software

Easy Reporting

Your treasurer will love all the reports included standard in Roll Call ‚Äč‚Äčcontribution software. Create donor summaries, listings of your top givers, spreadsheets of how much was given each week, month or year.  Or run an in-depth analysis to see giving trends.

Pledge Tracking Software

Track Pledges

If your church keeps track of pledges, you'll need an easy way to track a donors progress against their pledge.  Using Roll Call you can enter the pledge amount for a donor.  Then as contributions are received from that donor, they are automatically matched with their pledge.  You'll be able to quickly see pledge progress.

Church Software with Accounting Integrations

Accounting Integration

Roll Call is a great solution for tracking income.  You'll be able to enter all the detailed contributions and produce the required year end statements for the donor.  To handle your expense accounting, Roll Call integrates with Quickbooks and MYOB accounting packages.

Contributions Software

5 Star Customer Support

Our customer service consistently is rated 5 stars.  Our ministry is to serve you, so that you can serve others.  We make it our priority to treat each of our customers with the utmost respect and to thoroughly answer any questions you may have.  We offer phone support Monday - Friday 8 - 5 Central time and on Sunday from 7am to 1 pm.  

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