Roll Call Connect
Web-Based Church Software

Roll Call Connect is a web integration add-on that allows your staff and congregation to access core Roll Call features from any desktop browser, tablet or smartphone.  Unlike other web-based church software, your church can host their own data.

That means no monthly fees!*


Give Your Staff More Flexibility

Church staff will no longer need to be in front of their office computer to look up phone numbers, email or address information from Roll Call. They’ll be able to do it from their home computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone through a browser. They can even place a call or send an email right from their smartphone. If they are out visiting folks, they’ll be able to record those visitation notes and confidential comments right from their mobile device.

Web-based church software to access Roll Call data from browser

Online Contributions

Increase Giving to Your Church

More and more folks are getting away from carrying cash or traditional checks. But they certainly have their phones with them. Give them the opportunity to give online! Roll Call Connect allows your church to accept online contributions through Bluefin payment gateway or Paypal. The gift is processed and information is entered directly into Roll Call church software to save you data entry time.

Data-rich Widgets for Staff

Give your staff instant access to giving and attendance figures from last week. Customizable widgets for each staff's personal dashboard can display various types of giving information. They can also show attendance (totals, visitors, number of people) for services and groups. Not only can you toggle through all available previous data, but a click on most chart widgets ​will get deeper details on the information being displayed.

Church giving and attendance reports

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Stay Connected

Who doesn’t love to receive a phone call or card on their birthday or anniversary. Your staff will be able to see all upcoming birthdays on their home page when they log into Roll Call Connect. Then they can reach out as appropriate.

Decrease Administration Costs

Is your administrative assistant spending all kinds of time updating the congregation’s contact information? Why not open Roll Call Connect to your congregation? They’ll be able to update their own profile information. That way you’ll always have the latest information. If you allow, they’ll even be able to look up their giving history and they won’t have to call the office for that information.

Edit Profiles

Record attendance

Allow Leaders to Record Attendance

Does your church know who is actively involved in small groups or bible studies? Why not have the leaders hop on their smart phones and quickly record attendance for their meetings. That way your church will know who is involved and how often.

Frequently Asked Questions about Connect

*What are the costs and fees?

Roll Call Connect is an add-on license for Roll Call that requires a one-time license purchase of $399. There may be additional costs that coincide with the implementation of your setup related to web server administration and maintenance.

Web integration? What's that?

Web integration for Roll Call offers you the ability to access some of the features of Roll Call from a modern web browser (we recommend Chrome or Safari). Think of it as a web page that you log into to that will allow you to view and change your Roll Call ​data... based on your current user permissions.

What do I need to get this going?

If you're Hosting with our Cloud hosting, there's much less for you to do. Just let us know you want to get it all going and purchase a license or start a trial. Otherwise, you can run it all from your Roll Call database. Running Roll Call Connect on your own computer/server will essentially turn your database into a Web Server.

​This means ​your computer running Roll Call will need to be always on and always available. It also means that if you plan on opening it up to the internet, then you will likely need to get a few other things set up:

  • Public Fixed IP address. This can be purchased from your Internet Service Provider
  • Port Forwarding (for outside traffic) on your network router to direct traffic to your Roll Call Web Server
  • Apache Web Server for SSL (TLS) (Optional but highly recommended ... FREE) - See Also "What about Security"
  • SSL (TLS) Certificate (Optional but required for secure communications ... ​Can be purchased through us)
Your IT or Networking Administrator may want to check out our Admin Guide.
What about security?

Great Question. Out of the box, your web server will not contain any extra built-in security for encrypting your network communications. If you're running this solely inside of your own network, this is not a huge problem as people will need to be on your network in order to use it. If you are opening it up to the web, however, you will likely want to get an SSL certificate which will encrypt communications (HTTPS) sent to and from your Roll Call Web server. Without this, your users' and database communications can be susceptible to third-party eavesdropping and/or attacks. Note: Communications to Payment gateways like Bluefin/Paypal always occur over HTTPS (secure) connections.

Still have more Questions?

Please don't hesitate to call us at 1-888-846-4664

What our customers are saying...

“Our church has been using Roll Call for 3 years and it's great! We've recently added the Mobile & Connect and they're fantastic to keep church records current and the fact the Mobile works on any smartphone or tablet is great too. It saves so much paper when we're doing our attendance and head counts on the weekends!”

Matt — The Summit Church
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