Roll Call Features Comparison

Roll Call Roll Call Lite Quickbooks
Track contact information such as address, phone and email
Add families through a simple contact form
Capture Grade for children
Utility to update the grade for graduation
SMS Texting available through Nexmo
Address Validation
Get directions with webmap
Import family & individual pictures
Customize fields
Track spiritual gifts, talents and volunteer interests using keywords
Track general comments
Track confidential comments
Track custody comments
Track visitations (home visits, hospital visits,etc.)
Record background check information
Customize the search profile window
Find people based on any field in the database
Create and print mail merge letters
Send plain text emails
Send html emails
Print mailing labels for folks in your database
Send texts to folks in your database
Create custom reports
Create birthday lists
Create list of anniversaries
Print data confirmation letters
Find uninvolved families
Find outdated or missing background checks
Export contact information
Import people contact informaiton
Tracks - Assimilation & Visitor Follow-up Workflows
Send automated emails or texts based on attendance, giving, or class/group completion
Automate group enrollment
Create Todos for staff automatically
Create an unlimited number of giving funds (chart of accounts)
Enter contributions based on name, envelope number or check reader
Grid format available for contribution data entry ("Quick-Add")
Enter split donations
Print year end giving statements for US and Canada formats
Print receipts for individual gift
Email year end giving statements
Create donation statistics reports
Record in-kind or property gifts
Record detailed non-cash gift information such as brokerage fees, sale price etc.
Set up recurring contributions.
Import online giving transactions
Create custom reports
Customize donation receipts
Create booklet directory
Create a custom directory
Create classic 2 column directory
Create directory where you pick the fields to include as well as font, size and 2 or 3 columns
Create family picture directory
Child Check-in
Check families/students into classes or services based on name, phone, bar code or fingerprint scan
Customize background image
Check In with a single click
Capture who checked a child out
Send text from check in screen
Recommended classes available based on grade or age
Use a touch screen for check in
Automatically records attendance
Print name tags and parent tags
Print check in rosters
Find students missing so many weeks
List 1st, 2nd and 3rd time visitors
Record attendance for user-defined worship services
Record attendance for an unlimited number of group meetings
Run attendance statistics reports
List people who were present
Find people absent so many weeks
Find uninvolved families
Find 1st, 2nd and 3rd time visitors
Create an unlimited number of pledge campaigns
Creaate mult-year pledge campaigns
Record individual pledges (promises)
Automatically connect giving with the pledge
Print pledge progress letters
Create pledge status reports
Create an unlimited number of groups for Sunday school classes, adult classes, small groups, volunteer boards, etc.
Create custom fields for group members and for the group
Create mail merge letters for people in a group
Send plain text or html emails to folks in a group
Print mailing labels for people in a group
Create graduation profiles to automatically graduate students
Graduate by Grade or Age Range
Print sign-in rosters
Print group directories
Print group picture directory
Expense Accounting
Capture budgeting information
Write expense checks
Create income statements
Import deposit journal entry into Quickbooks based on batch.
Database Administration
Create unlimited user names and grant security access to those users.
Can automatically backup datafile to user specified area.
Data is hosted on your local machine.
Multi-user capable through tcpip on your network.
Data can be accessed remotely through VPN or remote desktop software like
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