Roll Call Church Donation Software

Use Roll Call Lite to improve donor management at your church:

  • Quickly and accurately enter weekend’s giving
  • Easily report on giving by fund or donor
  • Spot giving trends
  • Print year end statements to comply with IRS

Contribution Entry

Using Roll Call Lite church donation software, you can quickly and easily enter tithes and offerings through the contributions entry screen. Just identify the donor by name or envelope number. Next enter amount and designation. That’s all there is to it. Your church can use a check reader to really speed up the process as well. The available batch control totals will ensure the accuracy of your data entry.

Church Donation Software

Giving by Month Graph


There are a variety of standard donation reports included in the software. There are donor focused reports that will itemize how much certain donors have given over a date range. This can be broken down by fund or even by week, month and yearly amounts. We also include many fund focused reports. Roll Call lite church software even includes donation statistics which will break down giving by age range, association, marital status, and giving range.

Donation Receipts

Using Roll Call Lite software you’ll be able to print the year end statements that itemize a donor’s giving for the year.

What our customers are saying...

“Highly recommended for any organization that requires a powerful database to keep track of offerings and the like”

Gary — St. John’s Lutheran Church
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