Prepare Donation Receipts with Roll Call Lite

Need a quick and easy way for your church to prepare donation receipts?
Roll Call Lite allows you to:

  • Print quarterly statements to communicate giving status
  • Print annual statements to comply with IRS regulations
  • Flexible formatting options for your church
  • Complies with Canadian government regulations

Quarterly and Annual Giving Statements

Your church can use Roll Call LITE to print quarterly or annual giving statements. These receipts will outline the amount given by the donor for each fund, and if you choose, it will itemize each gift. Your church defines the text areas at the top and footer of the receipt. You can also print a cover letter with each statement.

Annual Statement

Giving by Month Graph

Canadian Donation Receipt

If your church or ministry is in Canada, there are several additional requirements for your statements. Our Canadian format is compliant with the Canadian Revenue Agency regulations.

Print Receipts

When you are ready to process the receipts, all you need to do is click the print receipt button. That’s all there is to it.

What our customers are saying...

“Entering donations, printing quarterly/yearly/individual statements, running donation reports - all very easy to learn. I haven't found much that's not user friendly and whenever I've had a question tech support was just a phone call away.”

Mary — Pioneer United Methodist Church
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