Roll Call Hosted on the Cloud

For those churches that want internet access to their Roll Call database, but don’t want the hassle of setting up and maintaining VPN or Port Forwarding, our hosting program is the perfect solution.

  • Access Roll Call from any machine that has internet access and Roll Call Client installed.
  • Save money on hardware costs. We supply the Roll Call Server machine.
  • Save money on IT staff. We handle all the maintenance of your Roll Call Server.
  • Peace of mind knowing we are handling all your backups.

How It Works

Keep in mind, Roll Call is still a software solution. First you would purchase your software license. The benefit to your church is that you own the software, so if you decide you don’t want us to host it anymore… you can install Roll Call on your local machines and continue to use it. We will provide you with your data file whenever you ask for it. For us to host your Roll Call Server on the Cloud, there is a one-time setup fee of $75.00 and a monthly charge starting at $50. We will install Roll Call Server software on our server machines, which are housed in a world class data center, and provide you with a network address. You will need to install Roll Call Client software on all computers that may need access to Roll Call. When you launch Roll Call Client for the first time, you will need to enter that network address. You are now using Roll Call on the Cloud. It’s that easy. If you are interested in seeing the performance you can expect with this option, give us a call at 800.554.9116 and we’ll get you connected to a test database.

Cloud Hosting for Roll Call

What We Do

We will be responsible for installing your Roll Call Server software. We will make sure all the server settings are optimized. As patch releases are made available we will install those for you, so that you are always on the latest version of the software you are licensed for.

We will backup your data file and journal file (transactions since last backup) each day. Backups will be maintained on an external drive as well as at a remote location. In the case of a computer or hard drive crash, we will get a new machine or drive installed, re-install Roll Call Server and recover your database from the latest backup.

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