Roll Call Church Management Software

It's an affordable, flexible and powerful church software program. Unlike other ministry solutions, Roll Call is built on a robust database for use on a Mac or PC.

  • Get organized
  • Streamline church communications
  • Quickly record contributions
  • Comply with IRS regulations
  • Understand how folks are involved

Centralized Membership ​Database

It’s all about the people … right? Roll Call church software was designed not only to help you capture contact information, but be able to quickly communicate with your congregation, understand who might be slipping out the back door, or who might be approaching burn-out.

  • Organize all your contact information in one place
  • Easily communicate with your congregation
  • Save money by creating your own directories
  • Find out who hasn’t attended in awhile

Stop using all those spreadsheets. Let Roll Call help you manage your people information.

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church membership database for tracking contact information, sending communications, creating directories and centralizing your information

church management software for contributions.

Contributions Tracking System

Does your ​ministry need a quick and easy solution for tracking contributions? Need the flexibility to track different funds and run various reports? With Roll Call church management software you’ll be able to:

  • Improve the accuracy of your contribution entry
  • Print or email year end contribution statements
  • Track pledge progress
  • Crunch those numbers for your treasurer, board or pastor

Roll Call is a flexible and affordable solution for tracking your tithes and offerings.

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Group and Class ​Management

Does your software show you who is actively participating in your church? Who has gone through the assimilation classes? Who is volunteering? Who is in a small group? Roll Call can:

  • Track participation in small groups, classes, volunteer boards, leadership boards, etc.
  • Easily communicate with folks in a specific group
  • Create directories (even photo) for groups

Roll Call’s group management is a great way to stay abreast of who is doing what in your church.

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congregation involvements

child check-in system

Children's Check-in ​System

Roll Call software program also includes the check in functionality. This will allow you to:

  • Improve security in your children’s ministry area
  • Save administrative time, since attendance is automatically recorded
  • Quickly gather visitor information

Whether you use the check in feature for checking students into their Sunday school classes or adults into Bible Studies it’s a great way handle security and process attendance.

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Roll Call Connect Web Portal

The Roll Call Connect add-on gives your staff and congregation online access to some of the core Roll Call information from a browser.  With Roll Call Connect you can:

  •  Allow staff the ability to look up contact information or enter visitation notes while on the road on their mobile devices.
  •  Give staff a view of church attendance and giving for the last 4 weeks.
  •  Give your congregation the ability to update their profile information and print off giving statements.

Roll Call Connect is a great tool for your church staff so they can work off-site.   

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Web Portal


Professional Looking Directories

Save time and money by creating your directories in-house.  Roll Call software program also provides a variety of directory options:

  • Standard directory with options for which contact information should be included.
  •  Photo directories that include family pictures plus contact information.
  • Custom directories that allow you to pick the number of columns, what information to include and whether or not to include photos.

All directories can be printed in portrait or booklet format.

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What our customers are saying...

“As a new start up church, we were looking for a church management software that was easy to implement, intuitive for volunteers to run, provided a child check in feature, and integrated donations with our accounting software. Strong customer support was also critical for us. The team at By the Book is a wonderful group of people - informative, friendly, responsive and well trained. Roll Call has exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend By the Book."

Joanne — The Downtown Church
Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pricing for your software work?

The price for Roll Call software is a one-time license fee. It is not a monthly fee. The price is calculated based on the number of people you’ll be tracking in the database plus the number of concurrent users. We count the number of individuals, not families. For the multi-user license we only consider the number of user connections into the database at the same time. So if you are using Roll Call on your church network and you have 10 staff that will need access to it … you do not necessarily need a 10 user license. You might be able to use a 6 user license if only 6 people would be using it at the same time. Check out our pricing page for the different levels.

In addition to the price of Roll Call, you may also want to consider the Mobile Check In add-on and the Roll Call Connect add-on. These add-ons give you browser access to portions of the Roll Call database.

We also offer a cloud hosting service. There is a monthly fee for this service. This is a great option for mobile churches that do not have a central office. When we host your database, you’ll be able to access Roll Call from any computer that has Roll Call Client installed and an internet connection.

Can I email/text my congregation right from Roll Call?

Yes. For sending emails, you will need to set up each user with your outgoing mail server credentials, just as you would to use Outlook or Mac Mail.

There are two methods to send texts via Roll Call. The first method is to set up an account with Nexmo. Nexmo is an SMS texting service. In the US, they charge .007 cents per text. You simply need to enter your Nexmo API credentials into Roll Call. This is the method we recommend.

Can my congregation update their own profile information?

Yes. To do this you will need the Roll Call Connect add-on. From Connect your congregation will be able to create an account and then login to update their contact information.

Do you provide an online church directory?

No. We provide 4 different formats of printed directories. But we have not implemented a church wide online directory. We know this is important to many ministries and are considering it for a future version.

Our church has multiple campuses, will staff from one campus be able to view the information from another campus?

Yes. With Roll Call you’ll be able to indicate what campus a person attends and what groups are part of a campus. However, if a Roll Call user has access to view people or groups information, they will be able to see all people or groups.

Will all Roll Call users have access to all the information including contributions?

No. When you define a user ​in Roll Call, you set their permissions. So, if you don’t want a person to access contributions, you would not give them those privileges.

Can we use a check scanner to record contributions?

Yes. We’ve heard from many of our customers how this speeds up the recording of contributions. Our scanner reads the bottom account number, then our software identifies the donor. To record the contribution, all you need to do is enter the amount and the fund.

Does ​Roll Call provide for online giving?

Yes. There are several ways that you can integrate online giving with Roll Call. If you use Roll Call Connect and have a Paypal or Bluefin account, you can accept online contributions and they will automatically be entered in Roll Call. If you decide to go with a different provider, you can use our import facility to pull those contributions into ​the software.

Does your software include accounting?

No. Although we do a great job handling the income side of things, Roll Call does not handle expense accounting. We do integrate with Quickbooks and MYOB accounting systems.

Is church check in included in Roll Call? Or is it a separate module?

Check In is included in the full version of ​the software.

Can we check in adults into worship service or group meetings? Or is check in only for children?

Yes you can check in adults into group meetings, worship services or events.

Can we use Roll Call to keep track of small groups?

Absolutely. The groups area in Roll Call is the perfect place to keep track of any grouping of people…for example, small groups, volunteer boards, leadership councils, Bible Studies or membership classes. Once you’ve set up the group, you can send them and email, text or write them a letter with the click of a button.

Our ministry is not a church, can we still use your software?

Absolutely. Our software is great for any organization that needs to keep track of people, contribution, attendance and check-in information. We have many sororities, ymcas, and day cares that use our software.

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