Roll Call Church Contribution Software

Our church contribution software, Roll Call, is a great solution for managing tithes and offerings. It allows you to:

  • Quickly enter your weekend contributions
  • Easily create year end giving statements
  • Track pledge progress
  • Create donation reports 
  • Integrate with Quickbooks or MYOB 

Track all Tithes and Offerings

Entering the donation information can be tedious. With Roll Call, however, you can quickly enter the donor, amount and the designated fund. Roll Call is flexible enough to allow you to identify the donor based on name, address, envelope number or to really speed things up, use a check reader.

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Church contribution software

 Year end statements

Create Year-end Statements

Most likely one of your most time consuming tasks in January is producing the year end giving statements that are required by the IRS. With Roll Call church contribution software, these statements can be printed with only a few mouse clicks. Saving you time. You can even customize the statements so that the thank you letter that your church wants is part of the statement.

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Follow Pledge Progress

If your church keeps track of pledges, you need an easy way to track a donors progress against those pledges. Using Roll Call you can enter the pledge amount for a donor. Then as contributions are received from that donor, they are automatically matched with the associated pledge making it very easy to see at a glance how folks are doing against that pledge.

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Pledge progress letter



Are you ever asked to pull together lists of your top givers, or show me everyone who has given over a certain amount or a certain number of times? Or maybe you need to see how much is given in certain "giving ranges" or by zip code. These are some examples of standard reports in Roll Call and extremely easy to generate.

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Accounting Integration

To coordinate your contribution information with your accounting system, you can create an export file that can be imported into Quickbooks or MYOB to reflect your deposit.

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What our customers are saying...

“Roll Call is certainly a blessing and a miracle to my ministry. I have NEVER worked with such a fine and superb ministry software as Roll Call. The best part is the technical support that is available. I had to input data for the entire year during the trial period. I truly enjoyed the input and looked forward to working with each component of the software. My contributions have been processed more timely and without a burdensome experience. “

Brenda — New Life Covenant
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