Roll Call Donation Tracking Software

Getting contributions entered in the database has never been easier.

  • Use the quick entry form
  • Import online giving
  • Automate recurring contribution entry

Donation Entry Form

Roll Call gives you the flexibility to enter you donations based on name, envelope number or by using a check reader. Once you've identified the donor, now just enter the amount and change the fund if you need to.  Roll Call donation software gives you the flexibility to track an unlimited number of funds in the chart of accounts, so you can designate the contributions how you see fit. You can even split a donation across multiple funds.

Quick Contribution Entry

Online Giving

Do folks donate to your church or ministry online? Ask your payment processor to pull a csv file for you, so that you can import that information straight into Roll Call. This will save you tons of data entry time. If you’d like to completely automate the process, check out Roll Call Connect. With Connect, you can use Paypal or Bluefin payment gateways to process the contributions, which are automatically entered into Roll Call for you.

Recurring Contributions

Many churches have folks that use bill-pay to automatically contribute on a regular basis. Roll Call allows you to set these contributions up as recurring donations. Once you set up the recurring donation, the contribution will be posted by the software on the appropriate day, saving you data entry time.

Recurring Contributions in Roll Call Church Software

What our customers are saying...

“Our Treasurer thinks the program is fantastic! She loves the help you offer and the help instructions. We heartily recommend this program to any church.”

John — Union Bible Church
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