Roll Call Church Software Groups and Class Management

Need a better way to manage all the groups and classes in your ministry?

By using Roll Call to set up all your groups, you'll be able to:

  • Understand how people are involved in your church
  • Easily communicate with those groups members
  • Find out who is attending regularly or who has been missing for awhile
  • Produce group directories and rosters

Who is Involved

Have you found it difficult to keep track of who is in a small group? Who is volunteering in your church? What Bible Studies are they involved in? Use Roll Call software to keep track of any grouping of people. You’ll be able to see at a glance, who is involved in what.

Track group involvement

Easily communicate with labels, letters and email

Easily communicate with a Group

Need to send an email to the parents of your Sunday school students? Need to send a letter to your deacon board? Maybe a text to the youth group? You can do all that with the click of a mouse in Roll Call. Simply highlight the group, and click the Letter or Email icons.

Improve Follow up Activities

By using Roll Call's attendance tracking for your groups, you can easily follow up with people who have been absent for a few weeks or follow up with first and second time visitors. Right from the report you’ll be able to send an email, text or write a letter to those folks.

Track group attendance

Print Group and Class Rosters

Create Rosters and Group Directories

Does your church use a sign in roster to track who is attending Sunday school? Do you need a directory of all your small group leaders? These can all be produced easily using Roll Call church management software.

What our customers are saying...

“Strong software in the area of reporting, donations, membership mgt, attendance tracking. Intuitive and easy to use in terms of the core features. Very feature rich; Excellent overall package for the money.”

Derek — All Nations Fellowship Church
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