Tracking and Reporting on Background Checks

Use Roll Call software to manage your background check information.

  • Keep the kids safe in your church or ministry
  • Track background check results
  • Keep track of obsolete or missing background checks

Help Keep Your Kids Safe

Keeping the kids in your church safe is a top priority. One way Roll Call can help you accomplish that goal is by organizing your background check information. When people in your congregation volunteer to work in the Children's or Youth departments, you can enter your request for a background check into Roll Call. Simply enter the date of the request, who requested the security check, what type of check (fingerprint, background check, reference etc) and the agency that will be performing the background check. When the results from the agency are returned, enter them as well.

Track Background Checks in Roll Call

Find Missing and Outdated Background Checks

There are numerous reports that can be run to determine who has completed the background checks, whose checks are outdated, and who is missing a background check.

What our customers are saying...

“This software has been an asset to our church for over 15 years. Five stars!”

John — Christian Community Church
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