Roll Call Church Directory Software

Produce the church directory you want with Roll Call

  • Many formats to choose from
  • Include photos if you’d like
  • Print in booklet format

Custom Directory Format

Custom directories give you choice of 6 different layouts, fonts sizes, and printing formats. And creating one is easy. You simply define a selection of people to be included in the directory and hit generate. You’ll be shown this Custom Directory window with all the available options such as a cover page, fonts, margins etc. You can print to a booklet format or even open the directory inside of the Roll Call Word processor for further editing.

Custom Directory

Standard Directory

Standard Directory

The standard directory is a simple text directory. It allows you to choose from many fields to include in the directory. You’ll also be able to choose from a 2 or 3 column format and the size and font you’d like to use.

Classic Directory

The classic directory has been available since the dawn of Roll Call. It is a simple text directory that includes the name, address and phone number of your congregation.

Classic Directory

Family Photo Directory

Family Picture

The family picture directory uses the family photo stored in Roll Call and includes the names of the family members plus the address and home phone number. It prints 12 pictures per page.

Group Directories

There are two types of group directories available. The first is a simple list of group members, their address, phone number and email in a spreadsheet type list. The second is a directory format that lists all group members, address, phone and custom field information can be included as well.

Group Detail Directory

What our customers are saying...

“If your church is small to medium size and you are looking for a software to track it's members information as well as one that is user-friendly, Roll Call is the one!!”

Nancy — First Baptist Church
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