Roll Call Church Contact Management Software

Roll Call church software, not only makes it easy to get all your membership information organized in one place, but it also includes:

  • Straightforward entry form for capturing contact information
  • Customizable fields to capture the information your church needs
  • Simple search for contacts in the database
  • Streamline communications with your congregation
  • Easy-to-produce reports

Easy Entry Contact Form

Our customers rave about how quick and easy it is to enter people into the database. You can use our import facility to bring in contacts from other systems. Or you can use our Add Families form to quickly capture the information your church needs.

Entry screen for church contact management software

Customize the fields within the church management program

Customize Fields

Does your church need to track information that Roll Call does not have as standard fields? Not a problem. The software includes 20 customizable text fields, 20 date fields and 20 checkbox fields so your church can capture that information. Once you set up those custom fields, you will be able to report and query on those fields.

Easy Searches

So you need to find a list of your members? Or maybe a list of the women who live in a certain city? Need to know all the folks that live in a specific zip code? These are all simple queries that can be done in the Search area of Roll Call. Even more complex queries can be performed to find people with common characteristics. Search on any piece of information in the database.

Quickly search for church contacts by any field in the database

Send email, texts, letters to church members

Streamline Communications

Need to send an email to the parents of your grade school kids? Maybe you want to mail the newsletter to your members or a text to the youth group? With Roll Call you’ll be able to create mailing labels, mail-merge letters, emails or texts for any listing of people in the database. Simply pull up the list, and click on the appropriate icon for email, letter or labels. It’s that easy.

Effortless Reporting

Roll Call includes many standard membership reports. If our standard reports are not giving you the information you need, you can use the My Reports area to create custom reports. You’ll be able to choose which people should be included in the report, as well as, what fields should be included. You will also be able to customize fonts, sizes and titles.

Create reports using any fields in the database software

What our customers are saying...

“Roll Call is easy to use and addresses all the needs of our church's data organization and reporting. I'm not tech-savvy, and the support team is there to quickly answer my questions and help in solving any problems.”

Kathy — First United Church of Christ
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