Use Roll Call Church Software to Track Interests and Talents

Match your congregation’s giftings to volunteer opportunities

From getting all your contact information organized, to communicating with your congregation, Roll Call can handle your church membership software needs. You’ll be able to:

  • Track volunteer interests
  • Track spiritual gifts
  • Track talents or skills

Use Keywords in Roll Call to Categorize Folks

How many times have you needed to know the folks who were interested in working on the church grounds? Or maybe you've had a single mom in the congregation that calls and needs to know if there are any mechanics that go to the church because her car just broke down. Use the special talents or keywords area of Roll Call to categorize people in your congregation. You could enter spiritual gifts, volunteer interests, talents, or occupations. A person in Roll Call can have an unlimited number of keywords so you can enter any combination of things.

Use keywords for tracking interests, talents or occupations

Search the database for specific keywords

Match an interest with an opportunity

If you were going to track volunteer interests, say working in the nursery or working on the grounds, you could easily search Roll Call for that "keyword" and match those folks with volunteer opportunities that arise. You could even send a mass email to all those folks or write them a thank you letter. You simply do a "Find By" keywords, type in that category and click SEARCH. You now have your list of folks who are interested in that area.

What our customers are saying...

“I would definitely recommend Roll Call to other Churches. It's a great tool to help one manage the core needs of managing and processing a congregation.”

Derek — All Nations Fellowship
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