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Assimilation and ​Discipleship Workflows

Don’t lose track of people! With Tracks portion of Roll Call church software, you can automate and better manage your assimilation and discipleship processes.

Some examples of how you could use tracks:

  •  Guest Follow-​up
  •  Follow Up with People who haven't attended in awhile
  • Discipleship or Growth Tracks
  • Volunteer Training Series
  • First Time Giving Thank You

Visitor Follow-Up

Do you have a process in place to follow up with your first, second, or third time guests? Maybe you send an email, text them, make a phone call or personally visit them; or a combination of these. This type of visitor assimilation can be set up as a track in our software. The system can automatically enroll a family or individual in the track when attendance is recorded. You can also manually assign a person to the visitor follow up track if you'd prefer not to automate the assignment. Once the assignment is made, the step leaders will see the tasks they are responsible for as part of this process and the associated due dates.

Use Tracks for visitor follow-up

Set up a track for automated messages to folks who have not attended in a while

Has Not Attended Follow-Up

Maybe you email or call when one of your regular attenders hasn’t been so regular. You can create a track that is automatically assigned when an individual or family has not attended for X weeks. Again, once this track assignment takes place, the step leader will see the tasks and due dates they are responsible for.

Growth Tracks

Does your church have a series of classes that you’d like your congregation to take as part of a growth series? Or classes that people must attend to become members? This too can be set up as a track. In this case, each step or task would be to complete class 1, class 2, etc. The step leader in this case will be able to tell where the person is in the series.

Get people on the proper foundation with a growth track

Get people on the proper path to serving with a training track

Volunteer Training Program

When people from your church or organization sign up to volunteer, is there a standard set of “things” that must be accomplished before they can actually volunteer? Maybe they need a background check or to go through CPR training. This too can be set up as a track. When they complete the track, they are ready to start serving.


First Time Giving

When someone gives for the first time, do you have follow-up process? Maybe you send a thank you note or email them. This too, can be set up as a track.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are tracks assigned to individuals or familes in my congregation?

Tracks can be manually assigned by a Roll Call user. Or you can set tracks up to be automatically assign when a “trigger happens”. The trigger can be when attendance is recorded, when a person completes in a class/group, when someone gives, when a value is entered in a custom field such as “baptism date”.

Can any of the steps be automated?

Yes. The system can automatically send emails, texts or enroll people in classes/groups on the specified due date.

What is a step?

Tracks are made up of a series of steps. These steps are the tasks or things that must be accomplished to complete the process. Each step is overseen by a step leader. Examples of steps are sending an email, sending a text, mailing a letter, making a phone call, completing a background check, enrolling in a class or visiting.

How will the step leaders know what they are responsible for?

The step leaders have access to a “to-do” list within the Roll Call software or through Roll Call Connect web portal. From the Roll Call dashboard, any overdue steps will be listed first and in red. The step leaders will also get a weekly email listing their overdue step assignments.

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