What's New in Roll Call Version ​13.5

Roll Call ​13.5 ​is available!

Great new features for customization and streamlining tasks.

  • Quicker check in process
  • Customize appearance
  • Quick Add for Contributions
  • Simplified data entry for families
  • Use Grade for Recommended classes and Graduation

New, Faster Child Check in

We’ve added quite a few enhancements to the check in screens to make it easier and faster to check students in and out of their classes.

  • Check in an entire family using the CheckIn All button
  • Check out students with a single click
  • Use the recommended class to check visitors in
  • Text a family member directly from the check in screens
  • Utilize authorized check out person to enhance security even more
  • Customize the look and feel of the check in screen
Faster check-in with v13

Customize the look of Roll Call Church software

Customize Screen Appearance for your Church

In version 13, you’ll be able to customize the color scheme incorporated into Roll Call.

  • Pull in your church's logo for the Roll Call home screen
  • Pull in a background image for the Child Check In screen
  • Indicate the color you’d like for the Icon Bar, Left side menu bar and background

Quickly Add Contributions in a Grid

We’ve heard from so many folks that they want just a simple contribution entry form. In this version you’ll be able to:

  • Enter contributions in a spreadsheet format
  • Enter split contributions in this format
  • Pre-populate the list with all adults in your database
Mac or PC

Quick add for family

Add basic family information using this simplified form

The full people screen can be a bit overwhelming since there is so much information included. Use the Quick Add to:

  • Enter family name, address and primary phone number
  • Enter the names for each family member, cell phone, association, grade and birthdate

Utilize Grade for Recommended Classes and Promotion

By using the child’s grade in school, you’ll now be able to quickly enroll them in the appropriate class/groups.

  • Enter the child’s grade in people screen, or add visitor screen
  • Use the recommended class for check in
  • Mass enroll students based on grade
  • Promote based on grade
Web access

Mobile CheckIn with iPad

Improved Mobile CheckIn

  •  Pull in a background image for the check in screen
  •  Quicker Check In process  
  • SMS texting using Nexmo 
  • Track who checked a student out.
  • And more!
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