What's ​New in v14

Save Time with Event Registration Sync

By the Book will be releasing our Count Me In event registration system in early 2017. This product will allow you to easily create event registration pages for your website. With the Roll Call event sync, you’ll be able to pull in those events and registrants directly into Roll Call. Once they are in Roll Call you’ll be able to perform check in for those events.

Syncing Events from Count Me In to Roll Call is easy
Customize the look of Roll Call Church software

View Giving, Attendance and Demographic Trends

Each Roll Call user will be able to customize their dashboard with widgets or small reports to view the information they are interested in. You treasurer may want to see the giving by week bar chart and giving by fund pie chart. Your pastor may be more interested in the attendance trends to see growth patterns. The small group director may be interested in the demographic widgets such as people by city or zip code.

Birthday Year No Longer Required

How many times have you asked for a birthdate and the member won’t give you the year? Well you no longer need to enter the birth year. We have separated out the month, day and year fields for birthday on the detailed profile screen. You’ll be able to enter the information you have and quickly report on those birthdays.

Enter birthdates without year for added flexibility

Customize your quick search to search on fields that matter to you

Define Your Quick Search Fields

Have you ever wanted to quickly search based on one of your custom fields, but they aren’t included in the Quick Search drop down box. You can now define which fields should be included in that Quick Search drop down. Each user can set his or her own fields for that search.

Lock Columns for Easier Viewing

You can now lock fields so that they remain fixed in the search profiles grid. For example, if you don’t want first name and last name to move as you scroll to the right, you can fix these columns.

Customize your search profiles list to freeze columns for easier viewing

Duration is now visible in check-in-log summary

Check-In Log with Duration

Do you need to know how long a student was checked into a class or event? Daycares will especially love our new Check In Log summary. It outlines the check in time, check out time and the duration. Excellent for any timekeeping situation.

Custom Contributions Import

Importing contributions from other systems is now easier than ever thanks to the new custom import wizard. You can even set up separate import templates and save them for future use. When importing, if Roll Call comes across a record it can't match on (according to your match fields), it will prompt you to either locate the person or create a new one. That means less duplicates and more accurate data in your system.

Importing contributions into Roll Call is now easier than ever
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