By the Book Merges with ACS Technologies

As you have probably heard by now, By the Book was acquired by ACS Technologies on March 1st, 2019.  After our announcement in May, we held a series of webinars to explain why the merger happened and how it will affect you.  If you were not able to attend one of those webinars, we've included a recording below.




We've outlined the most common questions and answers below. 

Why did you merge with ACS Technologies?

We have found ACS Technologies to be an incredible company to work with.  Their mission to serve the church aligns perfectly with By the Book’s.  They are a family owned business, not beholden to Wall Street.  They started serving the church in 1978 and now have 50,000 customers and 370 employees.  Customer support is a top priority.  Their support team is based in Florence, SC and with over 80 individuals on their support team, we are confident you’ll be well taken care of.

Not only is the company top notch, their newest online church management software, Realm, is very impressive.  Because it’s in the cloud and completely online, it is accessible anywhere from your phone, tablet or computer.  Of course it handles all the back office administrative tasks that you would expect in a church management tool, such as reporting and member profile data, but it takes things a step further and provides churches and organizations with group communication, events, eGiving, integrated background checks and so much more.  We believe ACS Technologies, through Realm, will help you fulfill your mission of caring for your congregation and making disciples just as you have always done.


What will happen to Roll Call

For our existing customers, Roll Call will continue to be a supported product for the next 2 years.  However, there will be no major functionality enhancements to it.  We will no longer be selling Roll Call to new customers. 


Can I still purchase Roll Call upgrades?

Yes.  If you are not on the latest version of Roll Call, you will be able to upgrade to version 15.5 until May 2020.  You will be able to upgrade your capacity levels and user levels until May 2021.


What about Count Me In?

We will no longer be selling new subscriptions to Count Me In.  If you have a current subscription, you will be able to continue using it until May 2021.


Will you continue to sell accessories?

For the short term, we will continue to sell Dymo labels.  We will no longer be selling printers, scanners or custom key tags.  We’d be happy to provide you with alternative vendor information.


What happens if By the Book is hosting my database?

We will continue to offer the hosting service for the next 2 years.  By May 2021 all customers will need to be transitioned off our hosting service.


What’s Next?

We believe Realm is the perfect replacement for Roll Call.  Please call us for an in-depth demo or for a quote for moving to Realm.  Honestly, it’s a major improvement over Roll Call for so many reasons.   If you decide that Realm is a good fit for your ministry, we’ve developed a conversion tool so that you can seamlessly transition to Realm from Roll Call.

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