Count Me In - Online Event Registration Software for Churches and Non Profits

  • Easy set up for any type of event.
  • Customizable registration fields.
  • Theme your own event web page.
  • Integrate with Roll Call for check-in.
  • Affordable.

Count Me In online event registration software

Easy,  Flexible Setup for any Type of Event

Whether you’re doing a VBS class, AWANA, a volunteer ​fair, a Bible Study  or a one-time speaker – it’s super easy to set up in Count Me In.  With our online event registration software, you’ll have people registering for your events in no time. Learn more.

Customize your Registration Form

To build your registration form, you may choose from a list of standard fields that we provide. Or you can use the field builder to define your own set of fields. We offer a variety of field types from text, to drop down lists, to radio ​buttons and much more. Learn more.

Count me in lets you customize your registration fields to capture the data you need

Count Me In lets you create custom Event Pages

Build Beautiful Event Web Pages

Count Me In allows you to choose the background image or color for the main page, as well as the background image or color for the header. You have total control over what content is included in the header and the body of the page.  Learn more.

Accept Payments

If there are fees associated with your events, you can accept those payments with Stripe, Bluefin and Braintree integrations.

Taking payments is easy with integrated Stripe Payment gateway. We also support PayPal and Bluefin.

It's easy to sync your events for use with Roll Call Church Software

Integrate with Roll Call

You’ll be able to easily pull in all your ​registration and attendee information into Roll Call software (version 14 or later) with the Event Sync. Once you’ve pulled everything into Roll Call, you’ll be able to perform check in for your function and run a variety of attendance reports.

Send Email Confirmations and Reminders

An email confirmation will automatically be sent to the people who register for your event. You can even include customized instructions in that email. You’ll be able to indicate how many days before the event you’d like the reminder to be sent.

Email confirmations for your events

Easy reports for your event

Create a Variety of Reports

From event summaries to attendee rosters, Count Me In has you covered. You’ll have the ability to view each report online, print it or export the information.

Use the Dashboard for Real Time Information

Once you’ve launched your event, you’ll be able to see at a glance how many tickets have been sold or how many people have registered for your event. View revenue figures for tickets and add.

Useful Event dashboard with real time information on tickets registration and on add ons


Count Me In is a subscription-based product. Prices start at $20 per month for up to 500 registrations/tickets. We do not require any contract or charge any hidden fees.


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