Roll Call Church Software

Roll Call Church Membership Software

It runs on Windows or Macs locally or we can even host the data for you.
  • Improve accuracy of your data – it’s stored in one central location
  • Easily contact your congregation by email, text or mail
  • Save money – produce professional-looking directories
  • Simplify follow up activities – for visitors and regular attenders
  • Match volunteer opportunities with interests and talents
  • Find volunteers whose background checks are non-existent or outdated

Centralized Church Membership Database

Need a way to get your congregation’s contact information completely organized? So often, church staff members create their own spreadsheets with connection information. When one staff member hears about an update, they update their spreadsheet. But no one else has the current information for that family. By implementing Roll Call as your church membership software, you’ll have all the data stored in one central location. When an update is made… everyone knows. It will also be that much easier to find folks with common characteristics. Need a list of everyone who is over 50 year old… no problem. Need a list of all your members… piece of cake.

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Centralized church membership software

Improve church member communications

Expedite Communications with your Congregation

So, you need to email the newsletter to your members, send postcards to the AWANA families and send a letter to your first time visitors? No need to ever leave Roll Call.  All this can be done within the software. To send the emails, simply go the Search Profiles area and find the members. Click on the EMAIL icon, and you can compose the email and send it straight away. 

Need to print mailing labels? Just go to the Search area and find the AWANA families. Click on the Labels icon… to print those labels. Roll Call also has a built in word processor, so you can create that mail merge letter for your visitors. Being able to do all this from one program will save you not only time, but money.

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Produce Professional-looking Church Directories

Does your church publish a directory for you congregation? This can be an extremely time consuming task using a word processor or Adobe product. Not so with Roll Call church software. You simply choose who you would like to include in the directory, and what information you’d like to include. Your church has several formats to choose from. You can print a directory with just textual information or also include a family photo. You can print on 8 1/2 x 11 or in booklet form. Your directory is just a couple of clicks away.

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Produce photo directories

Expedite Follow up with visitors and regular attenders

Expedite Follow-up Activities

How does your church follow up with visitors? Do you know when they’ve come back a 2nd or 3rd time? How about your regular attenders? Do you know when they haven’t come for the last month? How will you reach out to them? By employing the attendance tracking portion of the Roll Call software, you’ll definitely know the answers to those questions. For example, run the visitor report to determine who came last Sunday for the second time. Right from the report, you’ll be able to send an email, text or mail merge letter to those families. Or include the phone number on the report if you’d like to make a call. Run the absent/present report to find regulars who haven’t come in a while. Then you can reach out to them as appropriate.

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Develop Interests and Talents

Do you know who in your congregation loves working with children? How do you find that person who is super organized that can help with a fund raiser? Who would be perfect for the prayer chain? Roll Call church membership software has an area called “keyword”. This is the perfect area to keep track of spiritual gifts, interests and talents. Once you’ve recorded those talents, you’ll be able to easily query up those with a certain giftings and match them with volunteer opportunities.

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Keep Background Checks Current

Do all your workers in the children’s area have a current background check? Use Roll Call to record the dates and results of all your background checks. You’ll be able to run reports that outline whose background check is out of date or which volunteers don’t have a check at all.

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