Roll Call v13 Release Notes

Version 13.0.1912/2/2015 1:25:00 PM

Version 13.0.18 9/29/2015 1:20:00 PM

  • ~Connect - Phone theme has problem with library on Giving portal.  When logging in you may get a blank screen
  • *On checkin, change when recommended groups are shown to only show them when nothing is meeting that the person is currently enrolled in
  • +When using Random numeric (3 digit) security codes you can now specify a max value (i.e. 899 instead of 999) 

Version 13.0.17 9/17/2015 1:15:00 PM

  • *Changed method for sending SMS from program as the old way could sometimes hang
  • *Changed method for verifying addresses from program as the old way could sometimes hang
  • ~Mobile Checkin - A user with a Check-In Header that contains a certain special characters (i.e. ' or ") will cause an error preventing login
  • ~Connect - Setting the On-line Giving label to include a ' will cause an error
  • ~Connect - Changing certain configuration settings doesn't get reflected immediately in that user making the changes
  • ~Connect - Mobile Giving Label is not being used
  • ~Connect - Changed method for getting hash for payment gateway from program as the old way could sometimes hang
  • ~Connect - Phone theme has problem with library.  When logging in you may get blank screen

Version 13.0.16 8/27/2015 9:25:00 AM

  • ~On Client Self Checkin, if you click edit and cancel, the Content Blocked displays what they are currently checked into
  • ~Connect - Transaction email has last name as nickname if person's nickname is different than first name
  • ~Connect - Credit card month isn't cleared after creating a gift
  • ~Online Recurring Gifts are tied to _Recurring profile instead of person who gave
  • *If description on Recurring Gifts via Connect is blank then the default fund is used
  • *Modify so personal email cannot have blanks.  Also removed any blanks from existing emails
  • ~Subsequent Online Recurring Gifts aren't created in a batch and are marked as skipped in the log
  • ~Connect - The Height of the members list was too large for the web view and left the user unable to reach the last members on long lists.
  • ~Connect - Family Email and Primary/Alternate phones can't be emailed/called from phone theme
  • ~Mobile Checkin - Error sometimes returned when trying to access Mobile Checkin

Version 13.0.15 6/29/2015 1:25:00 PM

  • ~Connect - Leader Count not correct on groups.
  • ~Connect - Staff member who doesn't have permission to see Giving Details for other people, can see them.
  • ~Connect - On Phone Theme, user can't click on Primary Phone1, Primary Phone2 or email address to be able to call or email from Connect.
  • ~Connect - On Phone Theme, user doesn't have ability to edit profiles when they should be able to based on permissions.
  • ~Updating a pledge causes existing contribution records to lose the tie to that pledge.  Client/Server only.
  • ~Added Paypal as donation type if being used but not in list.
  • +Added option to include Pledge Amount on Donor Giving report.

Version 13.0.14 6/10/2015 12:00:00 AM

  • ~License # can't be entered (Standalone)
  • ~Fixed Dashboard on Mobile Checkin to only show for a the campus logged in if using multi campus
  • +Added Campus choice on Checkin Monitor if using multi campus 
  • ~Client Checkin: Add visitor with touch screen configuration doesn't save birthdate 
  • +Finalized development of Roll Call Connect 
  • ~In some cases, bulk delete of people wasn't deleting address records 
  • ~If sending texts via email from Client Checkin Dashboard, it is saying the mail host must be configured.  It wasn't picking up the mail host configuration for Director User
  • +Added Custom Family Report option 
  • ~Work Phone in Profile isn't refreshed when toggling between family members 
  • ~Add a Family with campus mandatory throws a runtime error and the family isn't added 
  • +Added ability to search last name,first or nickname on People Profile 
  • ~Checkin Roster gets runtime error on Server when hosted 
  • ~Client Checkin may keep a progress bar displayed 
  • ~Checkin - Self Checkin will always display Currently checked into column.  On initial entry into a family, all entries for the column will show "Content Blocked" as a security measure.  As you check someone in, it will display what you just checked them into 
  • ~Checkin - Can sometimes return deceased people in the list 
  • *Mobile Checkin - Changed the order of the Edit/In/Out buttons to be In/Out/Edit
  • *Checkin - Changed the buttons to add Edit/In/Out to make their function more clear
  • +Added Created By to Confidential Comment 
  • *Changed Canadian Receipts to show First Middle Last name 

Version 13.0.5 2/13/2015 10:40:00 AM

  • ~Email error can be generated showing email as malformed with some newer email domains
  • +Special Search Uninvolved Families - Added option for families who haven't pledged
  • +Special Search Uninvolved Families - Added option for families who don't have active recurring gifts
  • +Don't allow person profile delete if any active recurring gifts
  • *Due to popular demand, added Optional Mailing Name back to Address section of People screen
  • +Add Signature column to Checkin Roster report
  • +Added default on labels to exclude deceased
  • +Added default on Group labels to exclude deceased
  • ~Strip off spaces from any entered licenses
  • ~Custom Checkin Labels isn't printing parent cell phones when selected
  • ~Updated link to Canadian Charities website
  • ~Alternative Canadian Receipt logo changed to scaled fit proportional to better display the logo
  • ~Printing extra checkin label can hang on windows
  • ~Checking in a family for a service from Mobile Checkin only checks in first person in family
  • ~Checkin Options - sorted groups by name & time instead of time & name

Version 13.0.4 12/22/2014 8:30:00 AM

  • ~Receipts wouldn't return anything when client regional date settings are different than server settings (Client/Server only)
  • ~Mobile Checkin - Name sort order isn't correct on checkin by Keyword
  • +Mobile Checkin - Added search filter on checkin by Keyword - Phone theme
  • ~Runtime error when displaying envelope number on receipts
  • ~Fixed so system doesn't calculate or increment age on deceased people
  • -Removed WAN optimization on Receipts due to unforeseen pagination issues
  • ~Recommended Groups on Checkin can be incorrect when person is less than one month old

Version 13.0.3 12/10/2014 8:30:00 AM

  • ~ Fixed possible runtime erro on Receipts

Version 13.0.2 12/4/2014 3:40:00 PM

  • *Optimized Bulk & Personal Receipts to run on server instead of locally. Drastically improves performance on WAN
  • ~Fixed Recommended Groups on Checkin to look at both age and grade